A new kind of digital inflight solution that generates revenue while you fly
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Partnered to create a New Revenue Generation through inflight e-commerce experience
Our Hardware Solution
Hardware Options:
Astronics Sierra
Astronics The Edge
Astronics The Summit Line

First of all, we focus on the needs of our client.
We customize our Software and select Hardware according to the airline's requirements.

All Astronics solution meet required certifications by air regulators.

Astronics Edge - Cabin Network Platform
Astronics Sierra - Portable IFE
Designed for the post-COVID traveler in mind, LiFE in the Air enables airlines to continue building passenger confidence while also supplementing declining ad revenue from inflight magazines. Our onboard e-commerce experience not only seamlessly integrates into any airline's digital strategy creating a new revenue stream, but also provides a platform for engaging, onboard content. Now you can combine happy passengers while earning more revenue.
What is LiFE in the Air
How we work
Schedule a meeting
Meet us to ensure we are a good
Prepare software
& hardware
Let's demo with on a flight can capture data and feedback from real people. LiFE does all the work.
Trial: Fly for one month
LiFE provides the field engineer, project manager, and all training and material needed to test and make a sound business decision.
Review data and develop a business case
Review and present results to your leadership and decide if moving to a full fleet rollout is right for you.
Key revenue program features
LiFE in the Air can customize the revenue program for any airline. We have estimated the following revenue generation features per passenger, which includes: purchasing inflight food and drinks, selling underutilized seat capacity, booking experiences, advertising, sponsorships and of course loyalty programs.

Keep passengers entertained inflight with a variety of video content and movies.
Keep passengers engaged with various digital content, including short and full form articles.
Passengers can play with each other while you monetize their engagement.
Movies & video content
Flight timeline
Passengers can track their flight details right in the app.
Community & Chat
Passengers can chat and engage with others inflight through built in community features.
Key entertainment features
Promote your different destinations with informative guides for passengers.
Destination guides
Games in the Airâ„¢
Our Benefits
Monetization as a service
Experience a new revenue stream through in-app opportunities like: selling unutilized seat capacity, purchasing inflight food and drinks, advertising, games, loyalty programs and more. Our platform incorporates risk and fraud prevention capabilities and is PCI compliant.
A safe and touchless experience
The digitized buy on board program enables airlines to offer an easy 'order to seat' option that reduces the need for contact between passengers and flight attendants. Keep your passengers and flight crew happy and safe.
Easy airline systems integration
The platform integrates with any avionics hardware and is certified on the Astronics Sierra, Edge and Summit Line. Flexibility allows it to run on any linux based IFE system. The passenger and flight crew interface can be accessed via a mobile web or blended into the airlines existing mobile app.
Interactive content experience
Now you can offer relevant and targeted destination content and even monetize engagement through ads and rewards keeping passengers engaged and busy. Easily deploy fresh content remotely that is accessible to passengers via their mobile devices.
Our lightweight entertainment system is eco-friendly and reduces carbon dioxide emissions caused by weight of the aircraft along with waste associated with inflight magazines.
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